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Resellers of all business sizes are welcome to join us, including minority-, woman-, or disabled-veteran-owned businesses. We welcome your participation in our SmatyFy Company.

What are Resellers?

A reseller is a business or business owner who buys a product from a manufacturer, vendor or wholesaler at a lower cost and-resell' that product at a higher cost either online or through traditional offline direct channels.

How to become a reseller

It’s free and takes only a minute to enter your details and access a wealth of opportunities which could increase your revenue.

In a fast-paced world, it takes a great team to edge out the competition. SmatyFy works with one of the strongest reseller and partner networks anywhere to provide the highest level of service.

SmatyFy is always looking to add valuable partners to our team—partners who have industry and technical expertise, a strong focus on customer service, and a sound business model. Join the team that will help you develop new opportunities, enter growing markets, and increase margins.

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Join us and discover why solution providers around the world look to us as their preferred channel partner.

The SmatyFy school management system Reseller Program provides tools, resources, and expertise to your company to implement SmatyFy products. Reseller Partnership with SmatyFy to create new markets to increase your company's revenue and profitability. With SmatyFy products, you have new value-add solutions to offer your existing customers and to obtain new customers to grow your customer base.

Marketplace Strength:

  • Partners with a high level of proficiency in the promotion, demonstration, installation, and support of SmatyFy products
  • Huge network with more than 200 partners worldwide

Partner support programs including but not limited to:

  • Partner incentives
  • Marketing support
  • Presentation skills training for sales and technical representatives
  • Business planning and business management guidance

Proven success in supporting markets:

  • Architectural design, construction, and management
  • Manufacturing design and process management
  • Infrastructure design and management
  • Digital media creation, management, and distribution
  • Online project collaboration and print management

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