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Our Awesome Features

Employee Searching with different parameters (eg: department, position, employee status, active/inactive etc.)

Employees Management

Employees Attendance/ Leave Management System

Employee Payroll Structure

Add/Edit/Manage Departments

Add/Edit/Manage Positions

Add/Edit/Manage Locations

Employee Placement Management

Employment Status Management (eg: Applied/ Appointed/ Joined/ Rejected etc.)

Employment Type Management ( eg: full time, temporary, regular, internee, probation etc)

Active/ InActive Employee Management

Employee Recruitment Procedure

Qualification Information Management

Experience Information Management

Salary Information Management

Clubs Information Management

Medical Information Management

Employee Document Information Management

Update Social Networks

Album / Photos Galleries

Employee different Users Management

Employee Performance Management

Employee letters Management

Employee Supervisors Management

Shortlisted Candidates Management

Job Information/ History & complete Track

Employee Certificates / Letters / Letter heads Management (eg: NOC, Character certificate, leaving certificate, Experience certificate, Thanking letter, complaint letters etc...)

Staff Identification Card

Library Registration

Proper Management of all Daily Activities done in the school

Many Regionalisation Graphical / Black & White customizable Reports

Support for multi-school / Multi-Branches / Multi Shifts networks and multi-site schools

Prevent Manual Errors

Save Time And Resources

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