School Management System | School Management Software - SmatyFy

Our Awesome Features

Tracks all inventory received

Item Purchases Statement

Keeping the Record of Items Returned/Issued

Receives using purchase order (PO) or without PO

Maintains standard inventory cost

Maintains supplier information

Reconciles physical inventory to book inventory

Generates management reports

Prints barcode labels and catalogs

Uses cabled and portable scanners

Expiration Date Tracking

Item Images

Multi-level Categories

Volume Pricing and Discounts Configuration

Price Levels / Currency Manager

Tax Codes and Schedules

Stock Transfer

Powerful FIFO, LIFO, Average, Weighted Average and Standard Inventory Valuation Features

Receives using unit of measure (UOM) multiplier

Issues to customers / jobs / production / scrap

Issues against sales order (SO) or without SO

Reduced unexpected inventory shortages

Increased accountability and control

Many Regionalisation Graphical / Black & White customizable Reports

Support for multi-school / Multi-Branches / Multi Shifts networks and multi-site schools

Prevent Manual Errors

Save Time And Resources